Summer time must haves Summer Lovin'

Summer time must haves

It's That time of year where we all try to be outdoors as much as humanly possible... when I was little I could have cared less what was in a the big ol' bag that we dragged to the pool.... All I cared about is that I had my swimsuit on and that when I got hungry I got a Push -Up (y'all remember those?) but now, I really care what's in my bag all the way down to the gum!

So here's a quick list of some of my favorites!


Beach bag cuteness from Target....


Sunscreen GENIUS by MDMoms


Best Leave in Conditioner its a 10


Beach Brush I can't live without (even when I'm not at the beach)

I see you!

Towel Please

Pucker up!

Totally Hydrated...

Feed Me!


Chew on this!


Hold the phone


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