13 in 2013

13 in 2013


When I sat down and really thought about what I wanted to accomplish in 2013 I really wanted to put a goal in place that I could challenge myself with all year long…


Then I started thinkin’ what in corn sakes would that be… I mean honestly? Get Organized? Check….  Read a book a week, not likely, maybe watch less TV… not a chance between Homeland & March Madness  & House Hunters International I’m done for… So then I started thinkin’ ‘bout my health and every year I say the same thing… I’m gonna get in great shape y’all… what the hell does that even mean? It’s so vague… what kind of great shape? Physically, mentally, spiritually?  


I then was talking my good friend Dean who in 2012 decided he was going to run a ½ marathon a month for his health…and 130 pounds lighter and counting…that’s exactly what he did and he’s the most amazing person and I was so inspired by him. He’s one of THE busiest people I know, and he could find the time to train and run like that then maybe I could try that too? Could I get in that kinda shape?


Then I realized Yes, EXACTLY that kind of shape! But how the hell am I going to do that? I can train for the physical, but the mental & the spiritual? I consider myself a good person, I think… I mean, I let folks go in front of me at the grocery store when they have less to get than me, I hold doors for people, and I always wipe down the drink bar at Starbucks even when it’s not my mess…. (To be fair the last one might be a bit more OCD than super sweet…but you get it.) How do I get in that kind of shape?


So I thought what do I do that makes me feel fit in all 3 ways, Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually? And BAM! Running that’s it! It’s when I’m the most dialed into it all and then I thought well, that’s great I run a lot how’s that going to be a challenge? Do a marathon? Lots of folks train for marathons so what… how ‘s that going to keep me challenged all year long? AND that’s when it all came together… I just had an AH-HA moment (Thanks Oprah) I figured out my goal… I am going to run 13 in 2013; I’ll run 13 ½ Marathons (which is 13.1 miles) so to break that down I’m going to run 11 ½ Marathons (one a month for 2013) and a full marathon in December (which will be running 2 ½ marathons in one month)


I figure this goal out and I’m totally proud of myself I walk into the kitchen and proclaim my new found challenge to my husband who turns to me and says “Really, Babe? Can’t you just chill out with this goal stuff?  This seems a bit excessive…” I didn’t let my sweet but albeit Eeyore of a husband rain on my parade… I mean I’m ready! I want to commit and stay committed all year and if I don’t tell myself it’s happening now and make a plan it will all fall to crap come February (trust me this all happened when I decided to get Rosetta Stone…we’ll tackle that story another time)


So I call my girlfriend Summer, who is an AMAZING athlete, to see if I had hit my head with my new goal, and see her thoughts, I mean this woman finished the Chicago Marathon in 3:30 so clearly, if she thinks I’ve lost it…. Then I’m gonna listen… but she didn’t think I’d lost it, as a matter of fact she said I can’t wait to run a couple of them with me! I mean really?! Seriously how amazing is that?!  Now I’m getting partners in Crime on my adventure?! Yes Please!

So I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about my training and all that comes with it… I am making a training plan and working with some amazing people that know a whole lot more about this runnin’ stuff than me… but I plan to pay attention and respect the Journey. Look I tell jokes, and make people’s lives more beautiful & organized for a living…I’m NOT a professional athlete, hell I’m not even competitive, but I genuinely love a challenge… and in my mind when I’m running it’s just me I’m out there with, no one else can help me or hurt me… and I want to see what my body can do and truly get in the best shape of my life Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.



I’m going to put up the races that I am doing on my website and where ever my schedule takes me in 2013 I’ll find a race and make it happen this is an year of loving the journey and enjoying everything a lot more and I hope that you will come join me along the way!



Hi Trish, I think that is amazing! I so admire your determination! I know you CAN do this challenge you have put forth to yourself. Your "boo" may not get it, yet, but he will when he sees how your dedication to this is as strong as you dedication to your marriage. Bless you in your pursuit!

  • Posted by Kacey on Dec. 9th, 2012 at 2:15pm

I miss Clean House . . . wish something like that with the 3 of you NOT Niecy would start. Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • Posted by Cindy on Dec. 13th, 2012 at 10:13am

Hi Trish. I'm inspired by your drive, respect your self-motivation, and celebrate your joyful spirit. Quirky as it is, I felt the need to share some cool coincidence My first name is Summer. I too am an athlete. I live 3 hrs south of Chicago. 13 is my bday. smile You CAN/WILL do fantastic! Hugs, Summer

  • Posted by Summer on Dec. 15th, 2012 at 1:53am

Dear Trish (aka #LadyBlessYourHeart), Happy New Year, how are you feeling today? Are you being gifted, with Hope & Inspiration, Encouragement & Transformation? As a, former Professional Athlete, who Celebrates #SiMBa (Spirit/Mind/Body, with inspiration & abundance), if "In-Spirit", is Inspiration & "In-God", is Enthusiasm, your Aspirations for 2013, are like a "Love Orgasm"! Please remind "Eeyore" (that's funny, btw), that "a person, without a goal, is like a ship, without a rudder. They both end up, on the rocks" I'm guessing, with all this #13In2013, that unlike Dr. Drew, you're not affected, by "Triskaidekaphobia"? Looking forward, to Celebrating your Transformation! "May your Journey Be Surreal" Sincerely, Tony

  • Posted by Tony Scruggs on Jan. 1st, 2013 at 7:33pm

Trish, keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to many including myself. From one Kentucky girl to another keep on keeping on!

  • Posted by Wendy on Jan. 28th, 2013 at 11:00am

Hi Trish, been a fan for years, loved your wedding and the "trash the dress" was gorgeous underwater. That said, how about make a goal for 2013 not to say "hell" in your posts? You're such a beautiful lady that when I see those, I see metal shards coming out......like Clean House..."Keep it Clean"! Love you in Mississippi.

  • Posted by Michelle on Mar. 3rd, 2013 at 11:50am

Hey Trish, My fiance and I have been at Le Blanc twice when you and Dave are there...your wedding was the first time...we are going again May 14th-22nd, hopefully we will see you there. I hope your running is working for you, have you tried Pilates? Cheers and Happy Anniversary! Tammi & Eliot

  • Posted by Tammi & Eliot on May. 9th, 2013 at 8:31pm

Hi Trish! I'm not computer savy, so I don't even know if this will be read by you, but I just want you to know that I am a fellow Kentuckian, from Cynthiana, Kentucky. I currently live in South Florida with my husband and two grown sons. I miss Kentucky so much at times, I literally ache! Anyway, I loved you on Clean House! WHY did the powers that be take it off the air?????? For some odd reason, it helped to lift my lifelong battle with clinical depression! You guys were better than my Cymbalta!!! I just wish you and your husband all the best in life, I really do! God's many blessings to you both!

  • Posted by Sandra Truster on Jun. 12th, 2013 at 11:17pm

Trish you are truly an inspiration to me, because I am from Kentucky also Jenkins, Kentucky. And later moved to Eolia, Kentucky. I dont live there now and i miss it very much. I come from a family of coalminers and very proud of that. my dad was a coalminer for 47 years. I am 46 years old. you inspire me because i am the blunt of alot of jokes around these parts I live in now (Tennessee). but im sure you have also. i have been thru so much hardship that over time ive become depressed and have to take medicine for it . i hate it! I have panic attacks. Ive gained weight, and i miss the old me. i was athletic when i was younger. i need to lose weight for my health reasons and mentally, emotionally. so im trying to walk alittle each day. its hard without support. my daughters moved out went to college. but im trying my best "setting a goal" after reading your story. wish me luck. I think you're great. Let your "Unbridled Spirit" continue to shine!

  • Posted by Diane Horner on Aug. 15th, 2013 at 10:57am

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